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Quality and Services

Quality and Services

Damaged or broken Autoglass can be dangerous and repairs and replacements take time. Our local partner companies understand that you will want to get back on the road quickly and safely. So they set out to provide you with the very best products - and the fastest turnaround. Because we only serve the Aftermarket, we deliver fast, supporting our partners to support you.

Glavista replacement glass: focused, faster, better.

At least as good as the original

All Automotive replacement glass is produced by glass manufacturers. While only one of these manufacturer can make the branded windscreen for a particular model, all the other glass suppliers can produce aftermarket products. However, all aftermarket products must conform to the same quality standards such as ISO 9001, and accurately match the specifications of the manufacturer branded product. Sensors, brackets and antennas must be attached using the same technology, expertise, resources and premium quality glass as the branded product.

At Glavista we do everything we can to make sure the ordered products reach you as requested. Within the unlikely event that anything goes wrong with the product or the delivery we will do our utmost to put things right as quickly as possible, because we know that your car needs to be back on the road fast.

Thanks to our strategic location at the centre of Europe and our network of international carriers, we can deliver your orders quickly and efficiently. Customer shipments within Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Luxemburg can be serviced within 24 hours.

Committed to quality

No one likes unpleasant surprises. That is why Glavista spends a great deal of effort ensuring that our products reach you in optimum condition. And, we want to do this in the most efficient way possible. When you order the best - you want to receive the best.

This is why we are investing in Glass Inspector, a state-of-the-art artificial vision system, designed to detect potential defects earlier, and more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Using several cameras and a light system, our new artificial vision system is able to detect defects at the beginning of the production process. This includes all types of defects, such as scratches, dirties, bubbles or chips. So the windscreen can be scrapped, saving money, time and disappointment all round.

When product safety standards are concerned, Glavista goes further

Every windscreen we make has to meet the rigorous safety standards stipulated in the United Nations ECE R43 homologation programme. And because at Glavista, we take safety very seriously, we do much more than merely comply with the regulations.

All Glavista Replacement Glass is fully tested to ensure that it complies fully with the ECE R43 standard for safety glazing materials and their installation on vehicles. In a range of tests, many of which are carried out daily, we assess optics, light transmission, light stability, temperature and fire resistance, humidity, impact and abrasion. And we go further. For instance, every day we carry out twice the number of required tests - so that you can be sure that you are providing your customers with the highest quality product.


Windscreen replacement is becoming increasingly more complex, so it is critical that in addition to fitting a new windscreen securely, the fitter has to calibrate it correctly. Glavista has made remarkable progress in addressing this challenge.

Following an extensive research programme and experiment-based analysis - applying Six Sigma methodology - Glavista's team has addressed around a dozen key calibration issues encountered in most models, with the additional benefit of being able to avoid similar problems in future models as well.

We know that fitters are experienced in calibration - and the topic is of great interest to them. Glavista actively supports fitters, helping them to avoid common mistakes that can lead to non-calibrated windscreens.