Windscreen repair or replacement?

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Cost & Insurance

Cost & Insurance

You have a damaged windscreen and you want to know the costs for a repair or replacement? Will my insurance cover it? Who pays for the new vignette? You can find all relevant information summarised here at a glance.

The following factors will determine whether a new screen has to be installed or whether a repair is sufficient:

  • Crack or stone chip - type of damage
  • Windscreen, rear window or side window - damage location
  • Which sort of glass damage is covered by my insurance? - type of insurance

In the usual cases of glass damage you don't need to worry about the costs. If you have a partial coverage insurance, you won't usually have to pay for a stone chip repair.

If it is necessary to replace the windscreen, the rear window or a side window, you only pay the excess if you have fully comprehensive insurance. The vignette lost due to the windscreen replacement will be replaced free of charge by ASFINAG provided it was an annual vignette.

Are you still unsure about the cost coverage? Our partners will be glad to advise you.